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Joining with a rant against Navy TRICARE


I'm joining this LJ so I can vent about how shitty most HMOs are and how badly they treat people in general which is why I'm posting now...

To make a long story shorter, my wife has a gall bladder infection/stones and had to go to the ER this weekend for treatment and then this happens.....

Well thanks to the fucking retards of TRICARE Health (Mis-)Management. The ER doctor doesn't count worth a shit (in TRICARE's eyes) toward a real health consulant, so the wife has to wait til after we get home from vaction to see about fixing the Gall Bladder problem.

1) Apparently if you are sick and go to the ER: They diagnose you, give you the proper meds, and recommend a procedure to be complied with. You have to get re-examined by another health care provider, before you can have it done. (Unless your dying or have severe blood loss, etc.)

2) The TRICARE health system views you and your family as second class citizens unless you are an officer, and you have to go through a mountain of paperwork to be apologized too by a bunch of fucking penny-pinching HMO nimrods (Who really don't give a fuck about you in the first place).

3) My wife is now having to wait because  lazy fucking asshole(s) can't comprehend that an ultrasound recommendation by a Navy Captain (who is the head of the ER) has just as much validity (if not more so), as a LTjg that is a first year intern who works in a regular office clinic. </p>

4) The earliest she can be seen for an ultrasound is 22 October and we are going on vaction next week. So if she gets really sick, when we go to Missouri and I wind up taking her to Fort Leonardwood (aka Fort lost in the woods) for surgery. I'm going to be raking some  assholes balls over a really hot fire for fucking making our life shitty. 

I really do miss the old day before TRI(WHY)CARE existed and you could be seen for a problem and get it fixed without too much hassle, less than 2 weeks to fix any problem.

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