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Hi all! I have been lurking this community for a while, and have considered joining to post things before, but this just takes the cake. My family and I currently live in an ARC community, and it is absolutely horrible. Unfortunately, we are stuck for the time being simply because we cannot afford to go anywhere else. Let me start with a bit of a list....

+ While you have to pay extra to get a pass to the pools, they aren't open half of the time. When they are open, we have experienced them to be dirty, crowded [not really their fault] or full of kids of pretty much any age throwing... bikes, chairs, clothing, toys, etc etc etc. in to the pools. I know there is no lifeguard on duty but I do feel that it is their responsibility to keep them a safe place as much as possible, regardless, especially if we're paying to have access to a feature that used to be free. There have been many complaints about the swimming pools sent to the office, all most likely ignored, as nothing has changed. The biggest thing I think they need to do is get a taller fence. Right now, they're easy to get over, and when we finally DO get a nice day at the pool its usually crashed by said kids climbing over the fence. That electronic lock we paid to have access to doesn't do much good, apparently.

+ We were promised years ago that this community would become gated. It is my understanding that many people pitched in to see this happen aaaannnndd... nothing.

+ The roads are in terrible condition. When they DO get paved, they do not pave in to the driveways [well they do for some homes, not for others, although every time we are ALL promised to have our driveways done as well]. This creates a huge flooding problem in the driveways.

+ Once upon a time, background checks were performed and you had to have a relatively good record to live here. New management nixed that, and now allows anyone who's willing to pay to get in. There is usually some sort of huge bust every month, and I'm not exaggerating here, folks. Its usually SWAT or narcotics [at least thats what is on the uniform, sorry, I'm not familiar with these things outside of what I see here] out here. We've had chases end in here, too. This is another concern I know the office has heard about, but nothing has [or will] change. Just a few months ago we witnessed the arrest of three people from the home of one of our managers[?]/higher ups. I don't think you're showing your community what a good job you are doing if SWAT busts down your door and drags three guys out in to your lawn. Sry, maybe its just me.

+ Huge block parties [?]. Don't even get me started. They usually involve a lot of celebratory gunshots. I wouldn't say this without knowing exactly what they sound like.

+ The roads here are almost always blocked by cars parked in them. They're narrow roads, so its important that everyone uses their driveway. God forbid a firetruck or ambulance EVER need to get down these roads, it just is not going to happen. We have enough trouble getting through in a little car. Now, one of the community rules is that your car be parked in a driveway, and ONLY in a driveway at all times. Tell me how everyone else gets away with having cars blocking the road AND in their lawns, but I put one wheel [not kidding here guys] in the grass so that we can move another car out of the driveway and we get a notice on it. ARGH. Yet they never do anything about the constant blocking of the roads elsewhere. I do not understand it.

+ Again on the crime here. A few months back, an elderly woman was beaten unconscious and had her car stolen at the mailboxes in plain sight of a camera, laundry, and the main office. Yheah.

+ About a year ago, there was a huge fuss over water. I'm not sure if utilities are included in the lot rent or not, but either way, the management was not using our utility payments to, well, pay for the utilities. Particularly water. They pocketed everyone's water costs and let the water bill go. They racked up millions of dollars in fines and NOBODY KNEW. Residents were getting their water shut off, being sent notices and fines, and nobody knew why. The office assured us that everything was being taken care of. When it was uncovered that our money was going in their pockets and not to pay the bills? They doubled our bills the month after that. I do not believe they have gone down since, and I have no idea how legal that is.

+ Alright, the issue that made me post tonight. Flooding. Flooding has been a problem for the past few years, as they do not keep up on the drainage [sorry, I'm not sure of the proper term here] as they should. Everything is pretty much constantly clogged up. Being that these homes cannot withstand the more intense storms [btw I'm on a peninsula in the US. Hmmm wonder where that could be ;P] most of us try to get out and go somewhere safe when there are big storms, particularly those with the potential to produce tornadoes. However, the flooding in the road traps most people with normal cars in. There used to be a small field where you could cross over on to roads that, for some reason, did not flood like the rest in the community. However, management has tried many things to prevent this from happening. They've placed boulders across the field, even put homes there. A while ago they seemed to get our cries for help, and there was a makeshift road to the other side for a while. Well, we were trying to get out of the storms tonight and there's a fence. A nice, new white fence blocking everyone from getting over. We were among 6 or 7 other cars driving around trying to find a way to get out without having to , you know, turn their cars in to boats. Nothing. We all ended up going back to our homes and waiting the storm out here. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever had to go through. Under no circumstances should we be trapped in this place because management cannot see to it that the drainage system is kept up with. What if there were an emergency? Nobody can get in to their homes and those of us already here cannot get out. I have no idea what to do. We are literally trapped here.

While some of these may seem like things that management should not be responsible for, I feel that they should be because of the rules they place here. [Like those on loud music, pets, vehicles, things allowed in your yard, etcetc]. If you are going to put a rule in place, then you need to enforce it. You are responsible for the safety and well being of your community. The cleanliness and safety are things that we should and do contribute to, however they are primarily the responsibility of the management here.

Anyone know anything about ARC? What can I do about this situation? I have no idea who to talk to or how to approach it. I don't even know what to think about this place anymore. We are already planning on calling the office, ARC and perhaps local news tomorrow. I would give anything for my family to have the financial means to get out of here. I am not at all familiar with laws in relation to these kinds of things so if anyone knows anything about it, please let me know. Sorry if anything seems irrelevant or offensive. I really don't mean for anything to be. Thanks :]

Edit for clarification.

We rent [the lot at least, I am not sure about the home itself], and ARC is American Residential Communities. From my understanding they are all "manufactured homes", or, as most of us so lovingly call them, trailers. I am in the state of Florida.

Their website is here:

Sorry for not including that to begin with. D'oh! :]

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