Kerrichu (kerrichu) wrote in bad_service,

Bad pharmacy service

So my doctor called me after bloodwork to tell me that my thyroid levels were more than 3 times higher than what they should be. He needed to call in a new prescription for me--a higher dosage than what I now take--because I was wicked hormonal. It wasn't pretty. I was having hot flashes in 80 degree weather, and I seriously was going to attack anyone who pissed me off.

You'd think that it would be easy to get pick up a prescription--the same drug I've been taking for years--right? Wrong.

So my doctor called in the prescription and told me to start taking it right away. I reminded him that it must be the brand name, because the generic gives me headaches. I asked him to send it to a pharmacy in MA (I live in RI) because it's not far from my house. I called the pharmacy when I left work to make sure it was there, and it was. So I picked up my script, happy there was an end in sight, even though I was dripping in sweat from my hotflashes and the ac in my car wasn't helping at all. I made it halfway home and realized they gave me the generic.

So I went back...gave it to the pharmacist--still in the bag, and with the receipt--and said I needed the brand name. She says she can't do that, because of MA state law. She says she needs to contact the doctor for permission....even though he obviously wants me to get this medication since he already called it in...of course, the doctor was closed, since it was after 5pm. I was starting to get pissed off, but stayed as calm as possible. She said that even though the dr sent a request specifically for the brand name script, he didn't write "brand name only"...but he asked for it by the brand name. Apparently if it doesn't say "brand name only" they can't fill it, even if it has the brand name listed. they promise me they'll get in touch with my doctor and have it ready the following day. The pharmacist then walks away. I had to call her back over and ask about the refund for the script I just returned. She went, " already paid for this?" WTF? I only went in there, waited in line, handed her the script still in the bag with the receipt and explained that I had just picked it up and it was the wrong one!

So I called the next day to make sure they got my doctor. They claim my doctor won't call them I called my doctor, who says that his office did everything correct and I should have gotten the brand name drug. Over the next 4 hours, I kept calling the pharmacy, who first said my script had already been picked up the day before...then they claimed ignorance...and then they finally said they hadn't heard back from my doctor, which I find highly unlikely.

So at 5, I called the middle of a hot flash, super unhappy and hormonal...and they tell me they can't help me. I demanded that they fax the original request to a RI pharmacy, since RI doesn't have the stupid "brand name only" law. I rudely explained that I was super hormonal and I really don't care about the state law, and they need to fix this problem NOW. They found a pharmacy in RI not far from where I live, and assured me there wouldn't be a problem. So I called the RI pharmacy to give them my insurance info, since I'd never been there, and to tell them I'm on my way. While I was on hold with the RI pharmacy, the MA pharmacy calls me.

To tell me that they found the original request and that it said "brand name only" all along and they cancelled the request with the RI pharmacy.

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