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USPS Bad Service

I'm kind of mad at the USPS today.

This morning around 9:15. I hear someone honk their horn once. It woke me up so I peeked out the window and there is our mail carrier (she's not our normal one. She fills in for our regular guy).
She's sitting in front of the row of mail boxes. We have 6 mail boxes in front of our house.

I thought nothing of it and went back to bed. I come down a few hours later and get the mail and there is a notice that I have to re-schedule delivery for a package.

I guess I'm supposed to be psychic and know she is honking for me to come out to sign for a package. I knew I had a package on the way from Hong Kong, but I didn't know where it was since, you know their tracking number really doesn't track anything. Last I checked all it said was that it left Hong Kong. I didn't even know I had to sign for it.

I do what the notice says and I call up my local post office. Where they tell me they don't deal with mail deliveries. So I get the right number for the post office 4 towns over from me.

The lady wasn't very nice when I called. I told her I would like to re-schedule a delivery. She told me that I have to come and pick up the package. I said that that isn't possible. I don't drive and I'm not driving half an hour to go pick up a package that I paid to get delivered to my house.

After repeating my name and address a total of 5 times they say my package will be delivered tomorrow.

I also complained about the mail carrier. The lady pretty much told me that it was okay for this woman to just honk the horn. She said maybe the woman didn't know what door the package went to. To which I explained that not only is the address on our mail box, but the address is on our house right next to the front door.

So I'm getting up early tomorrow morning and my package better be here. And this woman better do more than just honk at me. My psychic abilities are in the shop right now.

All of this happend like 15 years ago, but it was the same woman. Different house though..

I don't know if any of you are familiar with Grow-A-Frogs, but they are a company that sends out mail order frogs and tadpoles. I had to have 5 tadpoles sent to the house because this woman would just stick the box in the mail box. The boxes were labeled, "Live animal. Do not leave in mailbox!" So of course she would leave it in the mailbox and the poor creatures would bake in our mail box. When our regular mail carrier came back we got the tadpole delivered right to the front door.

Then there was the day when my mom was parked a few feet in front of the mailbox. There was a little area there for her to park. All of a sudden this woman is honking her horn over and over and screaming for my to come down.

My mom gets out there and the woman demands that my mom move her car because she isn't allowed to back her car up to get around someone. Needless to say my mom told her she refuses to move her car. Our regular mail carrier would always back his car up to get around. The woman continued to yell and threw the car in reverse.

And then at our new place one day she nearly took out my father and all 6 mail boxes when she threw her car in reverse because she forgot to put something in our mail box.

And then there was day she left a big box for my landlord sitting under the mail boxes. I had to go out and move it because she put the box with the trash. It was trash day and the box probably would of gotten thrown out...
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