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For those of you who don't know, Shari's is a restaurant much like Denny's. It's the only place in my state that is open 24 hours AND has a smoking section. To sit in the smoking section, you have to be 21 because for a place to have a smoking section they have to have lottery and beer/wine.

Well today is my 21st birthday. So at midnight my boyfriend and I went to Shari's to sit in the smoking section just cause I can. I usually get excellent service from there, but this was an exception...

We walk in, get seated. The hostess seems nice and gets us some coffee. We browse the menu and figure out what we want. 10 minutes go by, we smoke, my boyfriend hits up the video poker. 10 more minutes...nothing. The hostess is serving people around us and paying out wining tickets but not even acknowledging us. another 10 minutes and I go to the counter and ask the first person I see where our server is. The guy is apologetic and says someone will get to us. He says they are really short staffed. OK. fine. Now, in the time we had been waiting, the people in the booth next to us got their orders taken and their food had been brought to them. They got there shortly after we did. So we wait a little while longer. I am on my second cup of coffee(they give you a carafe). Finally, we had been there for almost an hour without so much as having our order taken. A couple who had walked in maybe 5 minutes ago was having their order taken. So we decide to just pay for our coffee and leave. The guy who rang us out was apologetic, and was the same guy I talked to before. My boyfriend politely told him the situation, and the guy said he was sorry.

I understand being short staffed, but that was just ridiculous. Two tables who were seated after us got served and all we got was coffee. WTH?
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