Nora (lanekim) wrote in bad_service,

Usually nice clothing store has huffy saleslady

I had a saleslady be really huffy with me when I returned about 10 items that I'd bought online to a store. (They were suit separates in a variety of sizes and none of them happened to work.) This service is totally available and they say you should feel free to return it to a store, but the lady kept sighing and acting like I'd ruined her day because she didn't know how to process returns and it took a while. At one point she asked, "What's the reason for all these returns?" and I knew she meant were they the wrong color, wrong size, etc., but as far as her tone went I could have sworn she meant it was "What's the reason for you making my life difficult?"

Since there was nothing she said that was actually rude, just her tone, I found it difficult to want to complain, it just didn't make me want to stay there. But it's totally not going to stop me from ordering other things online and returning them in person.
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