Hayley (hayleymabob) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Service by Taxis


So in mid April my Dad, Sister and I went to Sydney for a wedding. We only caught two taxis, and had bad service from both. The first was in the first taxi. Most of the ride was cool (Although he refused to put my bag in the boot because it was too small) it was peak hour, so of course it was going to take a while to get there, and he even apologised.

Anyway, towards the end as he was driving down a main road, his mobile phone started ringing. The worst part is...HE ANSWERED! It wasn't like he was at a red light either, he answered his phone while he was driving. Anyway he was like "OHHH CAN'T TALK YEAH BYE" what was the point in answering then?! My friend who works with taxis told me it's against taxi rules in Australia to even have a mobile in the car while driving customers. Also it's obviously illegal to answer a phone while driving. Weird.

Anyway, the second day was the day of the wedding. We were already running extremely late, and my Dad went downstairs at the hotel to call a taxi while we were getting ready. Anyway about 30 mins we were ready, and head down and the Taxi still wasn't there. So we waited about 15 more minutes and it still didn't arrive. So we go back into the foyer, and the lady at the desk rang back and the company told her they forgot about us and would send one out asap. WHAT?!

She also told us this was a common thing that happens in Sydney (Any Sydneysiders, this true?) and called another company.

They came within 10 minutes, so that was fine. After we got back from the wedding the lady at the desk told us the other cab turned up 30 minutes later.

We made sure on the third day, the day we flew home that we got family to drive us to the airport...
edit:  I guess the first one is more of a wtf than bad service. Even so, it's still illegal and in Australia it's still a pretty big thing to do here. It's not like the mobile phone was in his belt or on his lap, it was on another seat so whilst driving he reached over to answer it. Even if the act itself isn't so bad, a cop could have pulled him over, taken his details etc and it would have delayed us to reach us destination.

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