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Verizon make Rumor SMASH family just switched from Comcast cable and internet to Verizon, and it's caused nothing but trouble.

They came about three weeks ago to set up the cable, to do which they needed to disable the internet. Now, the guys who came knew how to *disable* the internet, but they apparently are strictly cable guys, so it was our problem to set up the new internet.

My mom asks if we could get someone out to set it up for us, but they assured us it was a simple process, and we would be fine on our own. Cut to four hours after being on the phone with tech. support just to have it end in "your signal seems too weak, we'll have someone out there next week to look at it"

The guy comes out and gets the internet working on one computer (we have like five), said he was done and left. Turns out the internet would only work on that ONE computer, and my mom spent another two hours on the phone getting it to work on the others.

But none of that was really what bothered me- What ticked me off was that when the guy came out to fix the internet he managed to fudge up the phones and fax so that we weren't receiving incoming calls or faxes at all. When you called in the phone and the fax would ring once and the person calling us would hear a 'fax noise', and then it would cut off.

My mother called about this issue, spent a few hours on the phone trying to fix it, only to have the tech. support person give up and say they'll send a person to come to the house in about a week (today) and fix it.

This morning my mom got a text from Verizon saying that the issue has been resolved and no one would be coming out to our home today. The problem was that the issue was NOT resolved and was still as broken as it was when there tech f'ed it up a week ago. My mother calls AGAIN to sort it out, and after a few more hours on the phone she gets it so that we can once again receive calls. We still can't get Faxes, but thats a fight for another day.

You really think they'd be more helpful in fixing that's THEIR guy screwed up.

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