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virgin media suckage.

So, last year we moved house and had Virgin Media (phone/internet/TV) package re-installed at our new house. We will be in the house for 12 months and the contract lasts 12 months as well. And thus the wtf-ery and suckage starts.

All is ok except we don't have as many channels as before (like, if we had freeview we would get more channels), and we're paying £29 instead of £30, which we didn't really understand as we hadn't asked to change our package. Since a repairman was coming to fix our phone line anyway (that died like a day after it was installed) we asked him about the TV channels and he tells us it's because we don't have a good signal in our area, which I was a little WTF about but he insisted so I didn't press it further.

A few months later I found out that a neighbour has all the channels we were missing with Virgin, so I phoned up and asked them about it. The nice man on the phone told me that if we paid just £1 a month extra (back to the £30 we were originally paying) then we would get the extra channels, I also double checked to ask 'But this won't put us on a new contract will it?' And he assures me no, it won't.

A couple of days after this we get a letter stating that they've put us on a new contract, even though I was assured getting the extra channels wouldn't mean starting one. My housemate phones up about it, and the smarmy woman on the phone acts like she is being oh-so nice cancelling the new contract (and thus we loose our channels again) despite the fact that I was told it wouldn't involve a new contract, and when we moved we were put on the wrong contract anyway. Plus, it means the repairman basically lied to us about not having a good signal. But it's ok, we got over it.

Cut to late April; we will be moving out at the beginning of June, we phone up and ask them to terminate our contract on June 2nd, as we are moving on June 5th; we have to pay a £6 fee because we are having our contract terminated 4 days early. That's OK too.

On May 17th*, our internet, phone and TV stops working. We phone up and after being on the phone for over an hour and talking to 13 different people, it turns out they have closed our account early. For no reason. At all. Here is how the conversation with every one of those 13 people went:

Me/My housemates (at varying intervals): Why have you cancelled our contract early?
VM: Because this is the date that the customer asked for it to be terminated.
Me: But it isn't, this is a totally arbitrary date, there is no way we would ask for it to be cancelled today, so why has it been cancelled?
VM: Because this is the date that the customer asked for it to be terminated.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

And apparently because the account has been closed there is no way for it to be re-opened. Even after talking to managers, supervisors, who-the-fuck-knows, etc. they all repeat 'It cannot be re-opened.' It's like... are you seriously suggesting nobody in the entire coporation has the power to re-open our account, considering the fact that this is entirely your fuck-up?

They also wouldn't refund us the month's money for cancelling our contract early.

Also, at the end of the phone call the guy is like 'Ummm... this phone call costs you £28, but we're waivering the charge.' Too fucking right you are.

THEN! At the end of May we got another bill for June's service! So another phone call ensued with much WTF-ery at why you have billed us again despite randomly closing our account early. They also tried to make us pay the £6 cancellation fee again.

I hate them so.

* It is odd because our neighbours had their Virgin Media package installed this day (the installation guy came round to our house by mistake) so I feel the fuck up happened here. Of course, I am sure they will not admit this.


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