luffyewwhore (luffyewwhore) wrote in bad_service,

Mcdonalds new coffees

I've never posted here before, but I lurk and thought that I would share something that happened to me fairly recently.

It is about 85 degrees out. Muggy. Icky. Basically the epitome of why I hate Michigan weather (drastic shifts in temp, etc.)
I walk into McDonalds with my mother and sister, smile sweetly at the cashier, and order a medium sugar free vanilla iced coffee.
The woman then proceeds to make a vanilla latte, out of the machine. I look confused for a minute and mouth to my mom, "Is that mine?" but she just frowns at me and shakes her head and says, "It's probably for someone else." 
Meanwhile I am thinking, "Who in their right might would order a hot drink right now?"
The woman then calls our order number and sets the latte on the tray.

I walk up to the woman, and say very timidly (I'm a little shy) "Um...sorry...but I think you might have heard me wrong. I ordered a sugar free vanilla iced coffee." The woman looks at me. "No, you ordered a sugar free vanilla latte." 

I stare at her. "......."

"No I ordered an iced coffee."

"NO. You ordered a latte." 

I go and sit awkwardly at the table and stare at the latte. 

A few minutes later another worker comes to our table to give us some fries we ordered that were taking a little longer. My mom smiles at the woman and says, "My daughter ordered an iced coffee but they gave her a latte. Would it be possible for her to get the iced coffee instead?" The woman smiles and says, "Of course, follow me." I get up and follow her back to the counter, where she proceeds to hand the cup to the worker who originally gave me a latte and instructs her to make me an iced coffee. The woman looks at me for a minute then pours the latte over ice and hands it to me. 

Needless to say I ended up just throwing it away, since it was lukewarm and not really iced coffee at that point.
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