Rubydreamer (rubydreamer) wrote in bad_service,

Telstra again

Okay, how many Telstra technicians does it take to install a phone?

Give up!

Well so far, we have had three. One to install from the underground cable on our land to the house outside. Another one two weeks later to dig a ditch about two feet long to connect from the cable at the edge of our land to the cables in the box. A week or so later one turned up and connected from the box outside the house to the inside of the house.

Funny thing is, Telstra know not of this man who came this morning, and are sending another one tomorrow.

For what .... we do not know...and it seems neither do Telstra.

BUT...we still have no phone, because there is either a faulty cable outside in the street...or no cable.

We are not sure which...and neither is Telstra.

Both the contractors, don't seem to have any direct contact with Telstra...and the actual telstra technician didn't even know how to connect the phone to the inside of the house.

Besides my case manager, I now have two order numbers, two complaint ADSL order waiting to be set up...however, I do have a redirection now to my mobile phone...which it seems they could have done about six weeks ago, but neglected to advise me. Hence I have a huge mobile phone bill.

I am so confused, that all I can do is laugh.

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