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NYS Processing Center

I'm pretty sure you can classify this as bad service, though it's not truly an employee to customer situation.

Backstory: So I was a sheltered child brought up by rich parents who paid my bills, didn't teach me how to fend for myself, yadda yadda. So I got tired of being their little puppet and "ran away" I did an internship in Florida and then followed some friends to NY. Both states I had employment, so when taxes came I filed for myself, though because of years of my parents['s accountant) doing this for me, I had noooo idea what I was doing. I chose Turbo Tax (that was annoying but not the suck) to help me out. I did it online so that I could eFile and be done with it.

So filing for Florida was easy. Filing for Colorado (my home state) was long but simple. However NY caused problems. Even after much fighting with Turbo Tax (it wasn't their fault, as NYS was charging them, thus they had to charge me) I had to pay $20 to file in NY, only to find out I get a whoping $10 back from the state. I just wanted to not be in trouble with the government for not filing my taxes or whatever, so I just laughed at the fact I get less than I paid TT. Then, it wouldn't let me eFile for NY, so I couldn't eFile any of it and mailed it all in (still about a month before it was due)

A couple days after I mailed in I moved due to a family situation (some of you probably remember my forwarding woes with the post office). I notified the IRS and the post office of my mail change, but my friend is still living at the old address so I know that she'll forward it if it does get sent there anyway. However this notice didn't arrive at the old place until last week (when it's been over 3 months since I mailed this off):
(copied as is on the letter, including bolding, etc)

May 2, 2008
We cannot properly process your New York State Income Tax Return because you did not provide us with all of the information needed.

If the Department of Taxation and Finance does not receive a response to this notice in ten days, your refund may be reduced or you may be billed for amounts due if you do not provide the needed data for us to calculate your return.

So already we're at a bad start because ten days after May 2 is still waaaay before the envelope was postmarked.

The letter goes on to explain what they sent back to me. COMPLETED forms with STAMPS indicating it was RECIEVED in March.

Cue my "WTF?" expression. Things are incomplete so you sent my completed forms back? So essensially they made it incomplete by mailing me part of my forms back? I thought surely that's not it, I'm just not understanding correctly.

I flip through the pages to try to understand. The ONLY thing I can figure out is the page numbers are out of order. Not in reverse order, just random (I know for a fact that I put them in order when I mailed these off because I was so worried the slightest thing would get me in trouble). So I re order them and they look complete to me. Exactly how TT printed them for me saying they were ready to be sent off. So I look at the letter again, (it's a page long and talks in circles stating the forms are incomplete). I find a 1877 number at the bottome (If you have questions regarding this notice please call toll free 1877xxxxxxx). So I dial. It rings. I wait.

The recording asks me to enter the code on the bottom of the letter. I enter. It reads. I wait.

The recording then reads the letter I have in my hands. Word for word it justs restates what I've already recieved. At the end of the message?:

"If you would like to hear this recording again, press one. If you are finished, hang up."

NO chance to speak to a live person, no questions answered. Cue my "WTFBBQ" face. So I put everything they sent me back in the return envelope with a letter explaining my confusions and attempts to understand and 'complete' the 'incompleted' forms.

I may be a tax virgin but certainly incomplete =/= complete, and the 1877 number can bite me.
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