Blair (_strikes_again_) wrote in bad_service,

BNY Mellon Shareowners Services

When I was younger my grandmother bought each of her grandchildren a small amount of stocks in the Walt Disney company. Every couple of months we get some mail stating our stock and how much it's worth and all that jazz. My sister and I did not receive one when my brother got one, but figured my mom just threw it out since they are all the same anyway and we don't really do much with them as it is. Oh, how wrong we were.

Heres the bad: It turns out that the stock company, BNY Mellon Shareowners Services, had lost some information of a certain group. My sisters and mine included. That information includes our social security number, postal address, share owners account information and some other essential stuff for your identity to stay protected. However, they realized this mistake and we're probably thinking "OH SHIT!" because in the same letter they also credited us for two years for a credit monitoring system.
So all in all, boo for potential losing my identity, but yay for having free credit protection!

Edited to change the company's name.

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