Teri Smith (kitchenqueen) wrote in bad_service,
Teri Smith


This isn't bad_service of epic proportions, but it's annoying enough.

For reasons that don't warrant going into here, my husband and I have been trying to procure health insurance for ourselves.

We filled out an application for Alliance Health, answered their 50 million health questions, and went through their "we need to call you and ask you these 50 million questions again" phone interview. That's not the bad service part. I expect to answer at least that many questions, and each party was pleasant and polite. However, they seem to believe in telepathic communication:

I got a phone call from our insurance agent on Saturday. Script format for easier reading:

IA: Did you call the Alliance Health people?
Me: They called me and asked me their questions, and {husband} called them to answer his questions.
IA: The needed to talk to you again.
Me: I didn't know that. They haven't called or sent a letter or anything.
IA: I'll call them and get the information for you to call them. (reference number, specific phone number, etc.)

What, am I supposed to be psychic now? I'm supposed to just KNOW when they need more information? Gee whiz.

When I called them on Monday, they had no idea why I was calling. "Umm...you all needed to talk to me, I have no idea about what."

They scrambled around and finally came up with the reason. They needed to ask me questions about a problem that I had when I was pregnant, which has ZERO relelvance now, since I've had my tubes tied. We're not even applying for maternity coverage anyway.

In all honesty, I wish they'd just say "no" and quit wasting my time. This isn't the first time we've been through the process.

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