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You can continue to enjoy our service, using magical powers

I have an intermittent Sky broadband connection which started in the last week. I’m not using wireless but connected physically.

The line drops when I try to use the internet. This repeats a few times until I get a steady connection, but it can drop at any time. It is more likely to drop when I am downloading something or browsing in general. I changed the micro-filter and checked all connections and wires. Only the home phone is connected to the line and we have had no issues with the telephone. I rang the Sky helpdesk but got no trouble-shooting advice that I had not already tried. I even checked the cover on the master socket as instructed, though why I was asked to look at it I have no clue  - I  didn’t know what I was meant to be looking for, and the technical assistant seemed unable to clarify what I was looking for either.

After going in circles and lots of “please wait” she came back to me saying that her account showed my Sky broadband was 'pending cancel.'  But I’ve been using the service for a year now . . .

She had me wait even longer while she escalated that to get it fixed on the systems, but assured me my actual broadband account showed up as active and would not be cancelled. I enquired if this would cause the problem with my connection. She said no, it was just an admin thing at her end, but continued to have me hold. *drums fingers*

She returns and asks if I needed anything else, I pointed out that she had not actually given me any technical troubleshooting help to diagnose the connection problem. She brushed over this and simply said in a heavy accent  “we can assure you that you can continue to enjoy our service” and hung up after a hurried goodbye.

I’m left holding the phone, utterly stunned. I’d been on it for about 30 minutes and was very polite and patient throughout all the waiting and annoying orchestral music.

Did she just not have an answer for me? Why not hand me to someone else with more experience?

I ran more diagnostics checks of my own on the modem. All seems fine. What could possibly be interfering with my connection?


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