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this isn't a specific case of bad service, but something i have noticed many many times over.

my younger sisters are 8, 6, and almost 2. so why is it that without fail our waiters and waitresses always manage to put the hot appetizers, the handles of large steak knives and drinks in direct reach of the 2 year old? it's happened many times where we will start moving things out of the way for the appetizer and the waitress just plops it in front of the baby. and when they put down our drinks, they always put them close enough for the baby to reach when they could just as easily put it on the other side of the person's plate. now the knife thing, i know isn't exactly their choice. they're usually holding more than one plate and have no choice but to put it there. but wouldn't it make sense to carry the knives on the tray and hand them out to whoever later? or at least try their best to make sure the baby won't be able to reach it.
and it's not like my sisters are devils. i mean, they're not perfect little angels either but they're decently behaved in restaurants. and the only restaurant i can remember it happening in is the ground round. it's probably happened in others, but not that i can vividly remember. so i don't know if it's just that one certain restaurant that has staff that just don't care or what, but to me it just seems like common stuff not to be things that can be dangerous to children in front of them. the most amazing part is that when the meal comes they usually give my sisters meal to my stepmom or dad or at least a little bit out of her reach so that we can cut it up for her.
it doesn't make sense to me at all. can anyone make sense of this?
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