ZOIE. (ourregret) wrote in bad_service,

Dear receptionists,

if one is "too old" to attend a doctors office please tell them when they book the appointment and not when they show up for the appointment.

I have pink eye. Not fun. I got it from working with snotty little kids. Anyways, my mum calls my doctor (whose a pediatrician) and gets me an appointment for this morning. When I show up for the appointment the receptionist tells me I'm too old (I'm 18, but I know someone whose 19 and goes to a pediatrician because her insurance says she's not an 'adult' until 21) and I end up not getting treated.

Considering they had to have my information in front of them to schedule me for an appointment it would have been a lot better if they told me this before I had to rush out the house and take three busses to get there on time.

ugh, guess it's to the urgent-care clinic later tonight.
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