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Macaroni Grill

I love Macaroni Grill but I don't eat there too often because rather poor right now. In fact, our original plan last night was to go to Moe's and get some inexpensive giant burritos. But for some reason Moe's in St. Louis closes at 8PM on a Sunday. So we went to the MG in the same strip mall. The hostess tries to sit us at one table and I overheard the server in that area tell her we were "too many" (we were a party of 6). She tried to take us elsewhere, but that area was full, so back we go to the original server who didn't want us. I don't think much of it, since most servers know you just have to suck it up and take a table you'd rather not have sometimes.

The server shows up and takes our drink order no problem. Then takes 10 minutes to bring our drinks. We didn't order anything complicated. Fountain drinks and a bottled beer. 3 of our drinks wind up missing and we have to repeat the missing drinks multiple times before he gets it. I'm starting to wonder of something's wrong with this guy. Like maybe he's overloaded and can't focus or something. After multiple attempts we all eventually get our drinks plus 1 extra Dr. Pepper. By this point we'd ordered our food and were waiting for that. Bear in mind this was just supposed to be a quick dinner/meeting. I start getting worried when the two appetizers we ordered don't show up. Sure enough, repeat the drink fiasco over with the food. We BARELY see our waiter during this period. When we do he is basically a dismissive jerk. Other servers are bringing us our food, but since the original server took it down incorrectly, it's pretty much a fiasco. Eventually we get almost all our food plus a mushroom ravioli that was brought by mistake. The manager offers us free dessert, which was nice. By the end of the night we find out from another waitress, who took over for our guy after he apparently just left, that it was this guy's last day and he apparently came in drunk.

I make sure the tip is going to the servers who spent their time covering this guy's ass and not our original server and enjoy my free 3 Berry Tiramisu. Overall, not bad service on the part of the whole restaurant who did their best without realizing one of their employees was drunk until it was too late.

Seriously, if you hate your job that much, just no show the last day.
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