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not exactly a barrel of laughs...

I've read this community before, but never posted. I've had a few moments of bad service in the past, but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Until last night, when I had a waitress so rude and condescending she actually made me cry. Thanks, Cracker Barrel. I read on your menu that you don't discriminate when you hire, which is a great thing, but maybe you should start discriminating against people who get their kicks from belittling customers, and not hire those people... just a thought.

I have social anxiety, which makes it pretty difficult to go anywhere and enjoy it. But I was having a pretty good day until then. I was out shopping with my mom and we decided to go for dinner... she picked Cracker Barrel, where we had never been. Well, we won't be going back there again. Our waitress was gruff and unpleasant from the beginning... not just to us, but to surrounding tables, where her sarcastic remarks and clipped tone left other customers looking a bit confused. But whatever, maybe she thought she was being funny. But then she got to us. 

I guess she doesn't like being asked simple questions such as "What kind of gravy is on that?", because everything I said seemed to irritate her (and I'm not one of those annoying types who asks 500 questions, I asked maybe three), and finally she actually shouted at me like I was an idiot. Well, needless to say, our dinner was ruined. I went off to the bathroom to cry, and my mom asked her to bring us boxes for our dinner... which took her about ten minutes (and I'm not exaggerating there.) Then we booked it out of there. I wish we hadn't left her a tip at all... I understand people having bad days, but I don't take my frustrations out on customers, and I didn't think it was too much to ask for a waitress to be polite. I guess it was. Oh, and I forgot the part where she spoke to my mother about me like I wasn't there... condescending much? I'm not four years old, I can answer simple questions, thanks. The food was fairly good, but better enjoyed at home away from the waitress from hell. I definitely won't be going back to Cracker Barrel anytime soon, and probably not ever again.
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