*koulagirl (koulagirl666) wrote in bad_service,

painter woes

Background: I live in a private rental unit in a strata corporation. Basically, I have no control over outdoor maintenance and slightly more indoors, because it's all controlled/decided by other people. There's a reason strata corporations are being phased out here, believe me.

The strata management engaged a painter to come and paint the outdoor awnings/gutters/porches. At first, the painter was supposed to come "sometime in May" and he arrived last Tuesday, with virtually no advance notice (at least, not that I received until Thursday, anyway.) He left a note in the security door requesting access to the rear of the unit I'm in on Wednesday and Thursday. I spoke with him on Wednesday and gave him access through the garage, which is pretty much straight through to the backyard. There is a 1.8m fence around the backyard, except where it backs onto the neighbours, where it's 2m/the neighbour's garage wall.
On Thursday he wants to know about Friday, which wasn't originally requested. I can't get out of work on a day's notice without a medical certificate, so since he said he only needed half an hour in the morning I agreed to let him through when he arrived and go to work late.
He disappeared after half an hour, then reappeared, interrupted me while I was cooking breakfast to tell me to open the door, and then spend another hour and a half in the backyard. I locked up when he left, he didn't request any further access and disappeared a couple of hours after I got home from my shift.

Everything that's supposed to be painted is painted, there's no note in the security door to say he needed to get in on Monday, he didn't show up over the weekend, and so I figured that hey, he's spent four days here, that should be it. The owners are happy enough, and so I figure it's over.

Fast forward to Monday morning, 9am. It's my day off and I'm attempting to sleep in after a rough night, though I've just had a phone call and so I'm kind of awake but not really up yet. There's a strange scratching on my bedroom wall, which faces the backyard, and then something on the roof.
I grab my phone, dial the emergency number and sneak out to the back door.
"Don't worry, it's just the painter!" the painter calls out, from atop his ladder.

Don't worry? There's a virtual stranger in the backyard without my permission or knowledge, without the unit owner's permission or knowledge, and I'm not supposed to worry? WTF? I have no idea how he even got in, let alone got his ladder and everything over. The fence is taller than he is and the supports are on the inside, so there's really nothing to climb on unless the neighbour's car was parked just so.

summary: painter climbs over fence to get into backyard without asking permission after having most of four days access to do whatever he needed.

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