the Schwarzschild Ulna (aeolian_harp) wrote in bad_service,
the Schwarzschild Ulna

Say what?

I was at the grocery store once and happened to spot some Weight Watchers muffins that looked mighty tasty, so I bought a pack. A couple months later, I went to the same grocery store, looking for said muffins. I looked all around and couldn't find them, so I asked someone who worked there. He might have been a manager, but in any case, he had worked there for awhile. Here is how the conversation ensued:

Me: Hi, do you know if you have Weight Watchers muffins?
Him: Weight Watchers muffins? I've never heard of them. I don't think we carry them.
Me: Oh, well, I could have sworn I had bought some here a few months ago.

I think at this point he asked another person who worked there about the muffins, but I don't entirely remember.

Him: Actually, we're not licensed to carry Weight Watchers products. Our [city that is three hours away] location carries them, but we're not allowed to carry the Weight Watchers brand.
Me: Uh...okay? I thought I got them here, but maybe it was at a different grocery store?
Him: Yes, it must have been somewhere else.

I remembered distinctly buying the muffins at this store, at this very location, so I asked him to direct me to the snack aisle just so I could be sure. They were nowhere to be found.

A few weeks later, I went back to the same grocery store and was walking down the frozen foods aisle when at the very end was an entire shelf of the Weight Watchers muffins.

This wasn't particularly bad service, I guess, I just don't understand how the guy could have been under the impression that not only did they not carry this particular product, but that they weren't allowed to carry Weight Watchers products at all, when they did all along?
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