Tigress (tigress666) wrote in bad_service,

Not really a bad service as a WTF service.

Ok... so today I went to a pastry place that makes these things called Kringles. Well apparently they are really big and I just wanted a single serving to try it. This really isn't a bad service as they were nice enough but more of a WTF.

I had asked them if htey had any smaller and had mentioned I had come in to try a Kringle. They said they only had the half sizes and said there was nothing smaller (I guess I should have worded it a slice of kringle rather than a smaller one). WEll they made very good pastries and I decided to take some home (after ordering something else since I couldn't get a slice of kringle).

I pointed at one asking what it was, and she goes, "IT's a cut up kringle." *head to face* I mean I know I said I was looking for a smaller kringle but I think they took me too literally. I would have thought they might figure I was looking for a small size I could eat there. I'm just kinda confused how they didn't think to mention they had sliced up ones when I asked about smaller ones and kept mentioning I had come in there cause I wanted to try one.
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