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Yesterday, my parents and I took a road trip to Fernandina Beach, Florida, to meet some other relatives and visit a grave. It's an annual trip we make. We visit, and tidy up the area, and then go eat lunch together while catching up on events.

We decided to eat at Sonny's BBQ.

My parents and I arrived first, around 12:15. We stood by the "Please wait to be seated" sign, watching workers walk back and forth, looking at us and making eye contact, for about 5 minutes. Two or three more people came in behind us, and stood and waited, also. Finally someone arrived and asked, "How many?"

Dad said, "Six, we have more coming."

The woman looked at us oddly for a moment, and looked around the restaurant (which was pretty packed), spotted a large booth in the corner that would seat us, grabbed the menus and led us to it. She said that our server would be with us shortly to take our orders, and asked us what we would like to drink. We ordered 3 iced teas, and she said okay and left us. Never saw that woman again.

The other half of our party showed up and sat down, and we started looking at the menus. Our server showed up and asked what we wanted to drink, and we told her, and she left to get them. When she returned, we ordered our food. My order, specifically, was a charbroiled chicken sandwich with bacon, grilled onions, and pickles, with garlic bread on the side. So, she goes off to put in our orders, and we sit and start chatting. After a while we realize it's taking a long time, and after another little while, our server comes back and says, "Sorry but the kitchen is backed up, can I bring you some salad plates, free of charge, so you don't have to go hungry waiting?" We accepted, got our salads from the bar, and sat down to eat those.

About the time the last person, my aunt, is finishing her salad, food arrives. It gets handed out, except for mine. The server looks at me, looks confused, and asks, "What did you have?" and I told her, "Charbroiled chicken sandwich." So she goes off to look for it. Everyone else starts eating, and I drink my tea. A few minutes later, she returns and says "Someone took your order, even though it was on my ticket. I told the kitchen to make another, and I'm taking it off your bill." I said "Thank you", and she left and everyone else continued eating.

Wait some more. I nibbled a bit of Dad's fried okra and a chicken tender, and tried one of Mom's hot wings, because they were too spicy for her. Dad offered me his garlic bread, but I turned him down because "hopefully I have some of my own coming." Drank some more tea, and waited. Idly wondered if they had even finished hatching my chicken yet. Finally took Dad's garlic bread that he insisted I should eat.

It is now 1:30. I am halfway through the slice of bread, and now the 5 other people are finishing or have finished eating - and my food arrives. A plain piece of chicken on a bun, with fries on the side. She hands it to me, and asks everyone else if they would like a box for leftovers, or drinks to go. Mom requests a box. I take a couple bites of my sandwich, and it's bland and dry and needs something on it. The choices at the table were various hot sauces, or ketchup. I don't like ketchup, but I put some on anyway, and it helped enough that I could eat half the sandwich. Mom asked if I wanted her to go get a different sauce for it, but I said no, because she would have made a scene and everyone was now finished eating, so I didn't want to hold them up another hour while I ate or waited on someone to bring me something for my chicken (we all had appointments elsewhere later on). And after the hassle and the nibbling, I'd lost my appetite. I ate a few fries, then put the rest of them in Mom's to-go box.

The check arrived, Mom and two uncles argued over which one got to pay, the other two split the tip, and we left.

I dunno. She took my order off the check, so I guess I can't complain, but since it it was just not what I wanted to eat... here I am, complaining anyway.
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