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The Great Bitch, Maestro Delphine

The other day at work I actually felt the need to call and complain about the customer service provided to me. This is the first. I can't honestly remember the last time I ever did that: complained about a company's corporate attitude towards customer service, yes, *cough*Macy's*cough* but a specific person? No. But this just hit something that made me want to report.

I just want to preface this by saying that normally, I enjoy dealing with this company. They're usually pretty quick to get stuff done, they're relatively accommodating (especially with limitations that the industry places on them) and they're all pleasant to talk to on the phone. Usually. In the nine months that I've been working there, I've never had anyone question me about how I did the search the way this guy did.

I'd got an agent code from one of the other people there a day or so before, and I went to check on it on the carrier's website to make sure it was set up properly. Tried all the searches possible--it just wasn't there. Fine. It happens. Usually something is wrong with the set-up, but it has happened that it just doesn't show on the website and sometimes it is a typo of mine. No big. I call, get the info I need and move on with my life.

Not on Friday.

Me: "Hi! I want to check on [agent]. I was given [code] by [his coworker] and it isn't showing up on your website."
Him: "Did you do the search the right way?"
Me: "Excuse me?"
Him: "Did you try? [x, y, and z].
Me: "Yes, I tried [x, y, z] and even [a] it just isn't there.
Him: "Which version of the website are you using?"
Me: "I'm using [version]."
Him: "What do you see next to [totally irrelevant thing]? (Note: This website is one of the best I've seen, it's incredibly user friendly and nigh-impossible to fuck up)"
Me: [Tells him how I perform my searches.]"Look, I've already tried searching, it's not there, can you please see what's going on?"
Him: "Let me check." *pauses while he types in info on the website* "It's not there!"
Me: [thinking] No shit
Him:*pauses for typing* "Oh! It looks like profile isn't set up!"
Me: [thinking] And you had to several minutes of my time when you could have just looked this up to begin with?
Him: "We won't set it up until business is in house, we have to match up... [bunch of incorrect information]

The info he gave me was totally wrong. Others take care of what I needed all the time. Realistically, I should have called him on it--what our company is very niche in the industry (so niche, in fact, that there are total of four General Agencies in the country that do what we do. Our parent companies owns two of the four) that it's not that uncommon for agents to not know how to handle our stuff and it can take a few more directed questions (or reminders) to get what we need.. I declined however, because by this point I was so irritated and annoyed that I knew I could slip out of appropriate-for-business discussion tones that I let it drop. I finished the call, e-mailed my contact at the company to fix the problem (who promptly fixed it, I wasn't requesting anything out of the norm) and after sitting for a few minutes decided that I needed to make the report, I left a message for the supervisor.

It's one thing to inquire if you need assistance (although even then, it's dicey) but the continued insistence and the way he said You don't handle phone service that way. I'm not looking for him to get into trouble, I just hope someone reminds him there are better ways to handle things, yanno?

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