night_auditor (night_auditor) wrote in bad_service,

Rotten service at MasterCuts

I'm a long-time reader, first-time poster to this community. I work in hospitality so I have learned to let a lot go.

Today, however, I had an appointment to get my hair coloured, highlighted, and trimmed. As in, split ends off, that's it.

I called the day before and was told "walk-ins only, $11.95 for an adult cut, $34.95 for highlights and $69.00 for colour. If you get colour and highlights it is less". I asked for a rough quote, stated that I had long thick hair halfway down my back, and didn't want a cut, just a trim (I was unsure if they still charged the same price). The lady's response? "Still $69.00 for colour and $34.95 for highlights since it takes a lot [fair to me] and no charge for cut".

Cue to today at 10:30am. I wandered into MasterCuts. The place opened at 9:30am; it was packed. I approached the counter. One of the stlyists looked at me, then yelled over "name on a list, come back in 25 minutes". Ok.

So i came back... and it all went downhill.

First of all, the lady that took me? BARELY spoke English, I think it was German. Luckily the stylist beside her translated everything. Then they tried to talk me out of what I wanted. Ok, whatever, I got what I wanted done.

During the course of it, she did the following:
- YANKED my hair with her HANDS to get a knot out;
- When doing highlights, pressed on the tinfoil on my face;
- Tossed my hair back over my shoulder from the back, resulting in my eye receiving a long, thick bunch of hair COVERED IN HAIR DYE. I screamed and it took me ASKING for a towel and water to get it;
- She refused to dry my hair. "I don't want to, you don't need it". When I said "uhh, yes I DO", she shoved me down under one of the dryer things and left me;
- She got hair dye all over my face, neck and upper back. Which resulted in my brand-new shirt being stained with red hair dye (I didn't notice the shirt until I got home). My face has a fat red streak down one cheek, a nose like a clown nose, half my forehead dark red. My right hand is also splotched with red, as well as my palms, since she got hair dye on the chair;
- She "cut" my hair by grabbing it in a big bunch and taking 3 snips. TOTALLY fucking uneven;
- Now the bill...

I went to pay. What did she charge me? $153.something. EXCUSE ME?!

She charged me $34.95 for highlights, $10.00 for 'extra highlights', $89.00 for colour, and $19.95 for 'cut'. When I found it, the stylist that had originally been translating came over. She said to me "your stylist told you about the extra charges, I heard her". "Uhm... no. She didn't. Or I wouldn't have stayed". "Yes she did, right after blah blah blah" "... you mean when she was talking in German?" "Yes" "I DONT SPEAK GERMAN!" "Oh... well, this is your total" and she walked away.

I mean... seriously? Stupid fucking people. I tipped under $10 and had to go and return my office clothes I bought. I'm only away for a quick weekend and only budgeted so much for everything.

I'm writing a letter to the company tonight.
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