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listen to my order. please!

muffin break. the one i usually go to has amazing service and makes their coffee really well, et cetera.this time, i went to one in a mall in the next town. they've actually detailed on their menu what everything has in it if you don't specify sugar/cream/whatev, and 'soy latte' says something along the lines of just 'coffee, soy milk'. their sizes are just basic 'small, medium, large', none of that grande venti whatever. it really shouldn't be that difficult, right?

i ask for a medium soy latte to go please, and all is well.once i get the drink i take the lid off to check it (it's a habit, it takes all of two seconds and then if it's okay i'll take it with the lid off and put the lid back on elsewhere so i don't hold them up) and.. there are a few scoops of ice cream bobbing around in my coffee.

wait, what?

i've never seen a muffin break put ice cream in a latte unless you asked for it and paid fifty cents extra. but, whatever, i don't want to be annoying, so i'll drink it if it's soy ice cream, but i can't if it's dairy. i say to her "sorry, this has ice cream in it.. does this ice cream have dairy milk?".
she looks at me blankly, then turns to the manager and says (in the classic paris hilton 'oh, you can't put metal pans in a microwave' voice, lol) 'does ice cream have dairy in it?!'.

at this point both of us had to refrain from facepalming. the manager explains that yes, their ice cream with the cows on the lid of the tub has dairy in it and soy lattes do not have ice cream in them.
the girl goes "oh. ohhh. so, uh. sorry.. uh soy latte medium was it? if you don't mind waiting i'll re-make it. |:"

she does that, hands it to me, i take the lid off - and i'm nearly sick from the huge smell of.. dairy milk. i know pretty much every brand of soy milk has a slightly different taste.. but.. yeah, no way in hell is that soy milk.i specify that i asked for a soy latte, and the manager actually facepalms. the girl huffs a bit, grumps around making my coffee, but eventually i get my medium soy latte.

cold, with way too much milk. basically not going to keep me awake for more than half an hour. but whatever. it's a soy latte.i got it a dollar fifty off. i really don't have the energy to fuss over it any more at that point.

total time: about fifteen-twenty minutes.
time it usually takes/would have taken if this girl had listened to me properly: about eight on a busy day.

(by the way, they have a hugeass display case with baskets of muffins that the fridges are behind. i can see her making the coffee part of my drink, i couldn't see her putting the milk/ice cream in. if i could have i wouldn't have just waited until she handed it to me then gone 'ohlol no ice cream :B')
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