Beth (kid_lit_fan) wrote in bad_service,

Your attitude is taking longer than my extra transaction

Since I spent about 10 years in retail, I'm generally a pretty good customer. I get my debit cards or cash out of my wallet while I'm in line, I don't buy more than I can afford and have to put stuff back, I respond to a cashier's "hi, how are you?" with "Fine thanks, how are you?" instead of stony silence or a medical report, and I don't bitch about things that cannot be changed.

The one "fault" that I have is, once a month, I buy food to be used for hors douevres for an organization to which I belong, which puts on historical dances. Since belonging to that organization doesn't somehow automatically keep me from being a human being with a private life, I usually do my personal shopping at the same time.

I have a budget, and I need to give the treasurer of the organization my receipts. It is MUCH easier for me and the treasurer to have the organization's things on separate receipts.

So, when I say "Could I please get these rung on two separate receipts?" please don't sigh and roll your eyes at me. I am not trying to ruin your life. I am not trying to scam your store by sneaking things onto the express lane (especially since each receipt is about 30 items!).I'm adding an extra two minutes, tops (as I said, I have my payments ready to go, and it's not as if half the stuff would magically not need to be scanned if I didn't divide the orders.) If your time (for which you ARE getting paid, I'm NOT!) is so preccious, don't waste valuable seconds by twisting your mouth and narrowing your eyes at me. You're not a pre-teen, and I'm not your mom telling you to clean your room.

Most cashiers say "Oh, sure/of course/no problem." But about 1/5 act as if I have just ruined their life. Even at really customer-service oriented stores like Trader Joe's, there's always someone who has to do the eyeroll accompanied by an "Oooooookaaaaaay," as if I've just asked them to please put each item in a separate bag, and tie a bow around each one.
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