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Charter :/

I'd always read stories here about some pretty terrible experiences with Charter, but I never had any problems with them myself (other than a few minor ones which they corrected quickly), but now I come unfortunately bearing one of my own.

My roommate and I recently moved out of our apartment last month and so we disconnected our service with Charter. We had one bill left to pay that came in the mail shortly after we disconnected - no problems there. We had already moved most of our stuff out of the apartment and were in the process of moving the rest of our stuff out between two cities so we scheduled an appointment for a Charter employee to come pick up our cable box. We couldn't be at the apartment at that time though, so with our permission the apartment manager was going to unlock our apartment, let the cable guy in to take what he needed, and lock it back behind him. The apartment managment knows the supervisor and staff at the local Charter office and I believe they have done this for others before as well. My roommate reiterated that we only had one cable box for them to pick up, and the Charter employee she spoke with on the phone who was setting up the appointment confirmed that "Yes, we'll only be picking up the box because it looks like you guys own your own modem." - This is important later.

What I find out later when my roommate calls me from the apartment is that apparently, our cable modem is missing. She first asks me if I'd taken it - I said no. She said well, the cable guy must have taken it then. So she goes over to our local Charter office and talks to them about how our cable modem - which we owned - was taken from our apartment when they only should have taken our receiver box. The people there basically tell her that well, we've already disconnected your service and closed your account so we can't access it any longer to even see what was taken, and anyway everything we pick up is taken to a large facility in another large city so it would be very hard to track it down. She said they had a "not-our-problem" attitude, as if there was nothing they could do and so we might as well forget about it.

I called our apartment management (two very nice ladies whom we've known for years now renting from them) and the manager confirmed that she had unlocked our apartment so the cable guy could take our box. He then told her that he had instructions to take two items (no elaboration there) and she looked around with him a little to see if there was another cable box and there wasn't one (duh - we only had one TV, and thus one box) and so he said "Oh, maybe it's the modem." And so he just took it. Because oh, perhaps he was supposed to take it, he didn't know, so he took it just to be on the safe side, because the work order said to take "two items". Why, I have no idea, the instructions on what they were supposed to take was very clear, told by my roommate to Charter as well as repeated by them back to her. I came in person a little later to talk to our apartment management who said they would speak to a supervisor at Charter and get things sorted out.

I come a week later to sign some papers with the apartments and my apartment manager hands me a modem, saying this was a modem from Charter since they took our modem. It was a very small, cheap looking square box and I was like "No.. this is not our modem. Our modem was a nice Motorolla modem that cost at least $60-70." She said that I should go to the local Charter office to talk to them about it. I told her I was planning on going there anyway, since we still had to pay our last bill.

So off I go to the local Charter office.. I wait in a long line and explain the whole story over again to the Charter employee, who looked very perplexed and said she would need to speak to her supervisor. So she goes off for about 10 minutes, and returns with a Motorolla modem. I have the original box our modem came in and compare specs and, lo and behold, it's the exact same kind. I decided that it looked in pretty good shape, and was the same as our other one and said okay, thank you, I'll take this one. She types some stuff on the computer and says, is there anything else you need? I said yes, I need an A/C adapter, Ethernet cable and USB cable with it as well so it can work. She says oh, and goes back to get them. Finally she comes back, and says is there anything else you need? I said I had one last bill I needed to pay - she was like what? no you don't. I was kind of confused - cuz yes we did, and showed her the bill, and she just gave it back to me and was like no, you don't owe us anything, actually we owe you $5.21 and we'll be sending you a credit in the mail. I was like O_o.. Okay.. And walked out.

When I got to the car I decided to check to make sure the A/C adapter fit in the modem, and of course it didn't.. So I had to go wait in the long line yet again to get one that actually fit.

So I guess in the end Charter fixed the bad service somewhat.. But it still annoys me very slightly that we don't have our own modem back (though I am happy that at least we have one exactly like it) and that the guy's work order supposedly said he had to take two items (very ambiguous) and he just "decided" that the modem must be the second item. So that is my Charter horror story, you can be assured that I will not be using their services in the future (and anyway for some odd reason the lady at the Charter office said that the modem we had wouldn't be use-able with their service in the near future?? I was kind of confused on that point but decided I wasn't going to be using their service in the near future anyway so there was no reason to ask about it further, though have any of you heard about anything like that? Our modem was just the standard Motorolla cable modem you can buy now from Best Buy or Circuit City or anywhere.)

The cable guy who came to pick up our cable box says he has instructions to take two items and decides to take our cable modem too, even though we owned it. Since we weren't in the apartment at the time and our apartment manager had let him in (with our permission), she didn't know he wasn't supposed to take it and so off he goes with our cable modem. We then get a lot of run-around and "not our problem attitude" from Charter until they finally give us a modem just like the one we had and we walk away deciding never to use Charter again.

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