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Oh Ronald, what hath you wraught?

I don't normally run into that many bad service experiences that I would deem post-worthy, so congratulations, McDonald's, on taking my Bad Service virginity.

On my way home from work, my roommate asks me to pick-up something for them from McDonald's, so into McDonald's I go. There are a few people waiting around to grab their orders, and one girl on register. I make eye contact with her, and expect her to say something like "Can I help the next person?", but she does not and just looks at me for a while, so I approach.

Me: *wave*
Girl: The cashier. I say girl, because she appeared to be quite young.

Me: Hello.
Girl: *silence. sustained silence, as I don't say anything for 10 - 15 seconds waiting for some kind of acknowledgment*
Me: I will have a Crispy Chicken Classic and large fries, no drink, please.
Girl: The meal?
Me: No. Just the sandwich and fries. Crispy Chicken Classic, large fries. No drink.
Girl: Medium fries?
Me: No. Large fries.
Girl: *looks at me*
Me: That's it.
Girl: $x.xx

I pay, and she wanders off to get the order. I mean, I guess she could have been new to the job and still kind of nervous about addressing customers, but I am pretty sure that she wasn't new to listening. The words that I am using? Yeah, they mean something.

And just to put a cherry on the top, I get home and hand the bag off to the roomie - It's not even the right thing. Somehow Crispy Chicken Classic got translated into Southwest Chicken Sandwich. But I will take the credit for that one for not checking before I left.

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