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Water where???

Me and my husband are in the process of moving from one city to the next one over.

With that said..

We have been living in the same apartment for almost five years. We have only had to pay the electic not the water as it is included in the rent.

After discussing the ulitity issue with my MIL she explains that the water and electric are seperate and proceeds to give me the number and name of the company.

Another notation here, the place we are moving to is directly across the road from her own place.

One place that handles water for Polk County is Polk County Works, the other place is Polk City.

So I call Polk City because that is the same place my MIL has. Nope, they don't have it so they tell me to call Polk County.

Call Polk County and Nope, they ain't got it. Tell me to call Polk City due to the address.

Called Polk City and again was told to call Polk County, very rudely. Sent back to Polk City.

Been on the phone for almost an hour bouncing from one place to the other and truthfully am getting flustered very quickly.

The lady I called after telling her the adddress again started yelling loudly in the phone about how I was taking up her time with calling so much, that they didn't have our address in their computer and not to call back again. I honestly sat staring at my phone trying to figure out what was going on because I hadn't gotten smart or nothing.

I called back a few minutes later and asked to speak to someone else. After slamming the phone down in my ear for hold, Another person answered and I explained the situation about the address and the numerous calls. She appologized and without putting me on hold, checked her computer.

The address wasn't there but then she said to wait and checked other paperwork.

They hadn't gotten it into the computer yet because they had just taken over that part of the county. She appologized for the mixup and then appologized for the other lady for not taking the time to check the printouts.

Would it have taken the first lady so long to check the printouts? I'm sorry but I saw no need for her to get so rude with me. Had she taken the time to check, I wouldn't have had to call back so much. I understand your phone was ringing off the hook but I could not move into our place without water. At least the second person sorda made up for the first one. I'm just glad to have gotten it figured out. I only called back because I kept getting sent back.

I Forgot to cut

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