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Bad Service Trifecta!!!

I have spent this week in bad service hell!!! Maybe it’s tl;dr, you can kick me for that, but since it's three stories in one, I think you should cut me some slack. I did put it under a cut! Short story, Comcast sucks, AT&T sucks and FedEx can even lose a pink elephant. And, I get them all compressed into one short week!

I guess contestant number one, Fed Ex, wouldn’t warrant a mention if it weren’t in the trifecta of customer service suckage. On June 10th I ordered a gazebo from Target and they shipped it on June 11th. It disappeared off the truck in Middleton, PA on the 11th and was never to be seen again. I called them on the 18th and said, “Where is my 8 ft, 2ft x 1ft package that weighs 84lbs?” They said, “We have no idea, it went on a truck on June 11th and never came off of it” Wow, how do you lose something that big? So, I don’t get my gazebo. Target, BTW, is good and refunds with no problem, because the item is on backorder for 6 weeks.

Contestant number two is the Evil Empire, AT&T. Why do we use AT&T? I was a customer of Bell South since I got my first phone 15 years ago, and they bought Bell South. I never saw a reason to go anywhere else, and they only other option for cable and internet is, you guessed it, Comcast. We decided to port my landline to a cell phone, we called them two weeks in advance and said, “We are porting our landline to a cell phone, we have DSL and cable, do we need to do anything?” They said, “Nothing”, we reiterated, “We don’t need to do anything to keep the cable and internet without a land line”, “No”.

You know where this is going. On the day they ported our number, of course on a Friday, at 5pm, our internet goes out. After talking with someone for 7 hours over two days, we get an install at 3pm on Monday. That goes fine, but then on Tuesday morning, we get an outage! After 2 hours (!) on tech support, they finally realized there’s an outage in the area that is not resolved until 9pm! Then to top it all off, I received a dunning notice IN SPANISH that says they can’t set up service until the final amount on my old service is paid! This is before my old bill is even due, and that amount is wrong anyway, because they need to prorate that amount! And, why is it in Spanish? And, it’s after they’ve already set up service! WTF, mate!

In the meantime on Saturday, we decided to deal with the devil and set up service with Comcast. We have them come out and install on Wednesday with an appointment from 11-2pm. The installer calls at 1:30pm and says he’s not going to make 2pm and will be there between 2:30 and 3pm. 2:55pm rolls around and he calls and says “I’m on my way!” 3:35 comes along and we’re wondering where was he coming from? At 3:55 we’re on the phone to Comcast about to request refund of our install fee when he pulls up. Install goes without a hitch and we’re up and running.

At 8:45am the next morning the internet goes out! We call tech support and we go through their useless scripts, and they inform us they will send a tech from 8-11am. So we run on the AT&T internet. We hadn’t turned them off, because the reason we had stopped using Comcast internet before was exactly this, consistent internet outages. We wanted backup in case we decided to back out of Comcast. Miraculously around 5pm my husband checks and Comcast internet is back up, but we don’t cancel the appointment. We want them to check why the internet went out in the first place.

Thursday at 8:45am… the internet goes out AGAIN! However, I know that the tech is coming any time now, so I don’t worry, I switch over to AT&T and wait. Then at 10:30 I have my husband call Comcast to check our appointment. Turns out our previous CSR had not made any notes at all and we had no appointment. We had to go through all the silly scripts and we are scheduled a new appointment for tomorrow. We’ve asked for an escalation, however I’m not optimistic. We did get a ticket number this time to make sure it was actually entered this time.

You know, I always said, “I’ve never had a problem with customer service at X company.” I guess I’ve just never had to deal too much with it. I just can’t believe that I’ve dealt with all levels of all incompetence to such a degree with so many companies! It’s farcical, and if I weren’t so frustrated and ready to strangle someone, I’d be laughing.

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