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Small Taco del Mar suck:

So, I went to Taco del Mar yesterday for my lunch, their burritos are awesome.  I went in and stood by the "Order" area.  The girl who was supposed to be making the food was talking on the phone on the back wall.  She talked for a few minutes without acknowledging me at all, then she hung up the phone and headed over to make my lunch.


While on the phone, she had a pair of food preparation gloves on her hands.  She then reached for the flour tortilla which would contain my food.  With the same pair of gloves on, mind you.

Me (very politely): "Excuse me.  Would you mind changing your gloves before you make my food?" 

Her: Gives me a dirty look, but changes her gloves.  

Small thing, I know, but who knows whose grubby paws had been all over that phone and what their hygiene habits were.  I work in healthcare and have taken Microbiology, so I know exactly what could have been crawling on that phone.  And frankly, it made me nauseated.  

At least I had a clean burrito.
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