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I work in the airport. There are only a few restaurants to choose from....McDonalds, Subway, a coffee stand, and a grill.

I like subway the best, except for when one person is working.

This guy annoys the crap out of me. In the middle of making my sub, he will stop, get the phone, and come back, answer it, talk on the phone to his friends, and stop making my sub while he's doing it. I'll say something like "lettuce" and he'll just look at me like I've interrupted something so important it couldn't wait. He was talking about the party he went to the night before.

He always asks me if I want this, if I want that. Unfortunately that doesn't mean he asks me if I want any meat on it. He will wrap up my sub, and as soon as he's done putting it into the bag, I'll say "turkey?" and he will just stand there staring at me like I'm an idiot. I'll stand there looking at him like he's an idiot, and after about a minute of it, I'll get so fed up and I'll go "I WOULD LIKE TURKEY ON MY SUB."

The part that I really like, though, is every single time he runs my debit card through, the numbers get stuck that he has to type for authorization. The number one key will get stuck so he ends up pushing it down in hopes to get it to come back up again. "Uh...your card came up declined." Well duh you fucking moron. Maybe if the keys weren't stuck, and you didn't press the 1 key more than once, this wouldn't have happened. Run my fucking card through again. And this time, give me a fucking pen to sign with. I'm not going to run off to find a pen because you don't have one.
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