Evan (earthprince) wrote in bad_service,

Quick one. For some reason I have my post office's phone number saved, and I decided to call and see what time they closed.

I call:

Person: Fratelli's Bakery, what do you need?
Me: Oh, I'm sorry, I have a wrong number
Person: No no, what do you need? This bakery's got everything.
Me: I was actually looking for the post office, sorry about that.
Person: I'm just kidding, this is the post office.
Me: Oh. Well, could you tell me what time your office closes today?
Person: Which one, the bakery or post office?
Me: Uh, I'm calling in regards to the post office.
Person: Hahah, of course you are. We close at 6.
Me: Great, thanks.
Person: And on your way over, stop at Fratelli's bakery, they have some great stuff over there!
Me: Yeah... thanks.

Now, I get that this isn't horrible service, but isn't the post office part of the government in some way? Shouldn't you not pull this kinda stuff then? I agree though, Fratelli's is pretty sweet, I used to work across from it.
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