Buffalo in a China Shop (rinnychan) wrote in bad_service,
Buffalo in a China Shop

Am I right for calling this bad_service?

First post here, please be gentle.

A few weeks ago, I made an online purchase for a computer cable. Very simple, very cheap. I was already very pleased with that, because I was buying and shipping a 10' cable for $20 whereas in various stores I'd found 6' cables for $35. So the shipping was supposed to take a few days, but when it hadn't arrived I checked and found that it had shipped two days after my initial order, and UPS claimed to have delivered it. I didn't have it, though, and I checked the mail every day.

So I called customer service and got a guy with a horrible stutter. I could barely understand him. At first I thought he was just inexperienced, but I soon discovered that he was the ONLY guy working CS. I told him the situation, and he said he would call UPS about it but didn't know what else he could do for me.

Um...in situations like this, isn't it policy to please the customer? It's like that in all businesses. You factor in losses like that. No--instead, when I very politely ask if the cable could be replaced, he goes and says "Do you know how much money I would lose if I sent you another cable??" and claims that if I go to my credit card company, "[our company] will win." He also says that he won't gain anything by sending me a replacement because "we'll lose a customer either way."

After this exchange he sends me an email highlighting the particular passages of the terms of service that were relevant.

I got news for ya--I'm with Wachovia, and you're a horrible customer service agent. So no, you did not win.
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