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Cosi Suck

The Panera post reminded me of a suck at Cosi last month.  Here's a copy of the e-mail I sent to Cosi's corporate office.  Names have been changed to protect the poor sods.

I am appalled at the atrocious service I received at this location on 5/28/08.  I'm used to waiting a bit for an order, but this was ridiculous.  It started as soon as I walked in the door.  There were two employees at the register area taking orders.  One lady and her two daughters were in front of me.  When they were done, the phone rang.  One employee answered the phone, the other walked away from the POS area, neither of them greeted me, acknowledged my presence or made eye contact.  After the second employee came back, only then was my order taken.  The first one was still on the phone. 
It just went downhill from there.  I ordered a hummus and veggie on whole grain and a shanghai chicken salad, both to go.  Not terribly complicated; nothing was to be heated or anything.  My check was timestamped at 3:13 PM. 
At 3:28 PM, four orders that had been placed WELL after mine had gone out, and my order wasn't even close to ready.  When it finally emerged at 3:34 PM, my bag of food was THROWN across the counter at me by Lola; it was then that I asked for a manager.  She huffed and puffed and snootily said that there were two around, and didn't bother pointing them out to me or calling one of them over until she realized that I seriously wanted to speak to a manager.  I spoke briefly with Adam, who didn't even introduce himself or bother to come out from behind the counter to speak with me.  He did not apologize and gave the excuse that there were only new people working that day.  I was told that I should be patient and understanding.  He didn't offer me anything in return for my experience.  I told him I would likely not be returning to this location.

The district manager followed up with me very quickly and apologized.  They sent me some coupons for free stuff.  Yay free stuff.  Good thing there are two Cosi's in my area, or else I'd be doomed to return.  Actually, I did return, only to find the same, slow, *not* customer oriented, unfriendly, unprofessional service.  

edited for typos....damn new laptop

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