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US Bank suck

i'm posting this on behalf of my boyfriend, who has been getting screwed over by US Bank for years and has finally had it with them.

last week, he was charged four (4) overdraft fees of $37.50 each for NO REASON. none. he had no pending transactions, and a positive balance. then bam bam bam bam. this brought his account negative.
so he calls asking why he was charged overdrafts on a positive balance. durrr, they dunno lulz. so they agree to reverse the charges "as a one time courtesy"!!!! gee thanks, how courteous of you.
last saturday he deposited his state tax rebate check.
then yesterday, 2 more overdraft fees! they took almost a week to reverse the first round of fees, then put a 3 day hold on his tax check. (ok, i am a teller and wtf are they smoking putting a 3 day hold on a government check?!?) so in the meantime, 2 debit card purchases for less than $10 each hit his account. shouldn't have been a problem since he had the money, right? nope. those transactions are what they charged the overdrafts for.
so he has been charged $225 in overdraft fees when he has never spend more money than he had in the account! and they refuse to reverse the last 2 charges because they already reversed the ones that shouldn't even have been there to begin with!
so i'm going with him to dispute this whole thing with a manager because i know a lot more about this than he does, being as these processes are what i do for a living >_< this is why i will never have a bank account, only credit union accounts. big banks just want to please their stockholders, credit unions want to please their shareholders (aka members!).
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