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There's a woman at my mail center that has been absolutely driving me up the wall.

There is almost nothing, no matter how petty, that she won't try to step in and stir up drama about. It's getting to be ridiculous.

She's worked there for several years and for every question I've asked her, she gets this deer in the headlights look about her and has to call someone else over to answer. Which I don't mind. But it's a bit confusing as to why she hasn't been able to answer ONE yet after all these years.

But mostly she just gets pissed. Why, I have no clue. I've never been rude to her and I don't want to sink to her level of bitchiness.

If I have a stack of envelopes and UPS seems to be the best method she'll snap at me with, "OKAY BUT YOU'LL HAVE TO FILL OUT A MILLION FREAKING FORMS." Not once have I ever asked her to fill out the forms for me, I'll be doing the tedious busywork, so what does she care?

Another time she asked another employee to make a phone call to see how long it would take a package to arrive at its destination. He was on the phone for two minutes tops. When he got back, she started to ream him out saying, "IT'S ABOUT TIME I COULD HAVE SENT HER AWAY TWENTY MINUTES AGO." Ooooookay...I felt horrible for the guy because he's been nothing but helpful to me.

She'll argue with me about how far away one department in the building is from another. She'll glare at me when I'm making a request to another person working there. As in, she'll walk right up to the counter next to the employee I'm talking to and stare me down the entire time waiting to make some snide remark.

I'm going to contact her supervisor about this because I'm starting to feel like I can't walk down there without getting pounced on.

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