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Small but annoying case of bad service at Panera Bread

First post!

I went to Panera Bread yesterday, and I had a bit of difficulty counting my money. I thought I had it all sorted out, so I gave the woman what I thought was enough for my $9.37 sandwich and drink, and she counted the money and started just saying, "Nine thirty seven."
Me: "Um, yeah..."
Her: "Nine thirty-seven. Nine thirty-seven."
Me: "Um, er? Didn't I...?"
Her: "Nine thirty-seven."

So, rather than just saying that I'd only given her nine bucks, she decided to waste all sorts of time being snide about it. So then I gave her the 37 cents-- honestly, I think she kept three cents I should have gotten back, but I was too discombobulated and flustered to do anything. Like I said, small, but annoying.
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