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Johnny Rockets: automatic gratuity for small party

The other night my friends and I went to a free promotional showing at Newport on the Levy, KY, a fancy development on the river in Newport, KY that was installed a few years ago to revitalize the area. Afterward we were hungry, and we decided to get something to eat. The Levy is prolific with expensive restaurants, and we're college students, so we figured Johnny Rockets would be a good bet for our wallets.

For anyone who's unfamiliar with the Johnny Rockets chain, it is a (typically) cheap place with a 1950s burger joint theme. Ugly paper hats, nickel jukeboxes on the tables, uniforms and all. The burgers are decent and the shakes are great, plus the price is cheap-to-average.

The one at the Levy, however, was Johnny Rockets in name only. The prices had been hiked at least $3.00 per menu item. What I would have ordered, chicken strips, were a whopping $9.30. They're not that good, folks! Furthermore, when we received our bills, they had automatically added a 20% gratuity. For a party of four. I was pissed. For a regular vanilla shake and side of (crappy) fries, I ended up paying $10.00.

When I ranted to a friend, she said she'd experienced the same auto-gratuity for a party of three. Can you get any more ridiculous?

I read on this community that you can refuse to pay the suggested gratuity and write in your own, but I didn't feel like it. Instead, I'll never be going back again - I hope they enjoy their extra two bucks.
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