dont worry, be happy (runway_barbie) wrote in bad_service,
dont worry, be happy

local pizza place

bad service is not charging me the proper amount because for some reason you split our tab when we didnt ask for it split. and then you come out and get me from my car, and im confused, i go all the way back into the restaurant and im waiting for you to charge me, i told you i was in a hurry earlier, thats why i brought my tab up to the front because no one was taking it and service was incredibly slow. then you took me to a billion different registers and i politely told you i was in a hurry and you said "well you DO have to pay for it" NO SHIT. do you think i would have come back in if i wasnt gonna pay for it?
does a place like that even have a legal right to approach someone once they are already in their car? i mean it isnt my fault they didnt charge me properly, and with that girls attitude and tone she had i should have taken her tip off the table, we left a nice tip too.

and when i called to alert the manager that i dont appreciate being accused of trying not to pay he is an idiot and says "well shes had it happen to her before" THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM, and that doesnt make it okay for her to accuse people, she definately made me feel like it was my fault. i told him this and he has nothing to say, i guess anyone can be a manager these days.

to make it even better, the same restaurant two days before over charged me 30$, we payed part cash and part debit card and it all went onto my debit card. and do you think anyone told me they ran a transaction on my card and then hopefully voided it? nope. and when i called and told them they said it would be gone by the latest, monday. okay well its tuesday and i dont have my money.

i know ill probably get crap for this because i should have noticed i was charged incorrectly at first but, i just took my receipt and left, i was in a hurry.

summary, CHARGE ME THE CORRECT AMOUNTS THE FIRST TIME, PLEASE. and dont accuse customers of trying to skip out on their bills, especially a customer who comes in weekly.

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