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Posted also in customers_suck but I guess this is more fitting...

Hello! Took a break off of work today.. Maybe I was being a bit of an itch with a capital B?

When I come to customer service to return something, do me a favor, get off the phone.

Me: patiently tapping my foot
LIKEOMG: a ditz that's my age

Me: Hi, I'd like to return these speakers, I tried them and they don't turn on. Here's my receipt and my warranty.
LIKEOMG: *billhahahhahowcouldyouawwwww* Hold on.
Me: Okay... *2 minutes later, after her babbling* I'd like to return this?
LIKEOMG: Like.. ok.. hold on chill can't you see I'm doing something? *OMGBILLY!! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT HEHEHE*
Me: Is there someone else that can help me?
LIKEOMG: Ok like you know I'm busy and I can help you but like you're gonna have to wait I have to take this phone call mkay?
LIKEOMG: *Noo.. you hang up, you hang up! billyyy You hang up!!!*
Me: throwing the speaker box onto the counter, raising my voice: HELLO. I'D LIKE TO RETURN MY SPEAKERS.
LIKEOMG: Ok um ma'am you're being rude but I'll take your box okay.. they dont work huh?
Me: No, they do not work. Here's my receipt and my warranty, I'd like a refund.
LIKEOMG: Well uhmm if they work then i can't give you the refund
Me: They don't work.
LIKEOMG: You sure?
LIKEOMG: Ok fine here's your money sign here and here and here *okay billy i just gotta deal with this b-i-t-c-h*
Me: Let me speak with your manager.
Manager comes out... I go into a back room file a complaint, get my refund, and smile at the girl as I'm walking out

Did I have a right? I think I did... comment as necessary
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