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Insurance and Doctor suck

the last 2 days have been a little rough.  I am in Israel for 3 months, over the weekend I noticed I have a bit of an infection (I had a similar infection a few years ago and had to get surgery to remove it)right beside where my last infection like this was. 

Sunday night I call my mom in Canada just to talk and this infection comes up in the phone call, she tells me not to worry about it.  Monday morning she calls me and says she spoke with my insurance and they will be calling me shortly to discuss visiting a doctor.

about 5 minutes later my cell phone rings:me: hello?

Insurance Guy: hi this is [insurance company] is this M(something inaudible)
m: no this is Ashley
I: ok M(whatever) i understand you have an infection and want to see a doctor
m: my name is Ashley and yes I do have an infection
i:ok M(whatever), which city would you like to see the doctor in?
m: my name is Ashley and I would like to see the doctor in (insert city here)
i: ok m(whatever) you want to see a doctor in (city) when do you want to see the doctor?
m: my name is Ashley and I want to see the doctor tomorrow morning
i:ok M(whatever) here is my number (number) call me back when you know when you want to see the doctor
i: so you will call me back when you want to see the doctor M(whatever)?
m:My name is Ashley and I would like to see the doctor tomorrow morning
i: oh ok M(whatever) we will arrange for a doctor to come to you tomorrow morning, what is your address?
m:my name is Ashley and my address is [address]
i: ok M(whatever) we will call you later with a doctors appointment

many hours pass and i hear nothing about the doctor, so I decide to call the insurance office

me: hi this is Ashley [lastname], I was talking to someone earlier today about seeing a doctor tomorrow morning and have not yet heard back from you guys so was wondering if any arrangements had been made yet?
IO: I have nothing here with your name
me: my claim number is [number]
IO: and what did you say your name was?
me: Ashley [last name]
I: well we have a different name down for you, is your name not Moshe Dayan (a male name and if you google it you will see he was a high up officer in the Israeli Army)?
me: no my name is Ashley [last name]

I double checks all my information with me and EVERYTHING except my city was incorrect.  I thank them and hang up and hope for the best.

Many hours later I finish work (I do not get cell phone reception in my office) and as I am leaving my phone notifies me of a voicemail.  it is from the insurance company saying that they have a doctor coming to my apartment tomorrow morning at 730am.  I think great, the doctor is coming to me and its still fairly early so I will not miss too much work.

I wake up around 710, to prepare for the doctor visit at 730 and think all will be well, but we all know that is just too good.....
At 730 I am now dressed and washed and waiting for the doctor, I decide to start making my lunch and doing productive things with my time.  At 8am the doctor still has not come, so I call the insurance company to ask where the doctor is.  The lady tells me she will call the doctor then call me back.  Unfortunately for me at this time I really had to go to the bathroom and could not wait, so I go to the bathroom, and during these 30 seconds the insurance lady calls back and leaves a voicemail:
Hi Ashley this is the Insurance Company, I called the doctor and she said she called you at 6 this morning and decided since you didnt answer your phone you did not need to see a doctor or want to see a doctor so did not come to visit you.  Since you are not answering my calls either I think the doctor is right and you dont want to see a doctor, maybe if you start answering your phone we can help you.

I call the insurance lady back and she yells at me for not answering my phone, I appologize and tell her I was in the bathroom, and that my phone shows no record of any missed calls or recieved calls (and who calls someone at 6am anyway?).  She decides she will send me a different doctor and will call me back when she finds one.  

She finds a doctor and calls me back and says the doctor will come to my apartment at 930.  I left my apartment for a bit (since I had an hour until the doctor came) and by total fluke went back at 9 to do something, and the doctor knocked on the door within 1 minute of my getting back, I wonder what would have happened if I was out.  Doctor was a little rough, started examining me without washing his hands or putting on gloves, then put on a glove on one hand and when he took it off instead of putting it in the garbage threw it up in the air and left it wherever it landed.  He kept making personal calls the entire time, and would pace back and forth around my apartment talking to his friends after he finished "examining the infection" he then insisted it was nothing and I can do what I wanted about it (not quite sure what that means), he gave me a perscription for a cream and walked out the door.
tl;dr:  insurance guy wont listen to me even though i correct the on my name countless times, they also blame me for not answering my phone when my phone didnt ring or have any history of receiving a call.  doctor decides not to come to a 730 appointment because I never answered supposed phone call at 6am.  doctor that does come does some questionable things

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