Ryo (littlepunkryo) wrote in bad_service,

"Underliverable as adressed"

So I bought a game off Walmart.com, and I today I checked the tracking number for it - as of today, it was "undeliverable as addressed" and will be returned to the sender. I checked the address on the walmart invoice, and it's my address.

WTF? So, what happens to the package? Is there a chance I can pick it up at the post office, or has it been sent back immediately? AND WHY IS THERE NO INFO TELLING ME THAT ALREADY???

What pisses me off the most is there is like no information about what's going to happen next, on either the UPS site or Walmart. I'll call them tomorrow, but I have never had this happen before. I usually have no shipping issues at all! I know lots of you guys have had much worse experiences, but I thought I would share mine too!

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