Rose (aspencreek) wrote in bad_service,

Qwest... you can bite me.

I can't help it. I have to post this, it's not very exciting, but it is bad service.

My dad got DSL for the house. I listened to his conversations a little bit about what service he wanted. The guy promised him that for no charge he could upgrade to 7 mb from 1.5. My dad verified this over and over. Got a confirmation number.

Bill comes and he is charged for a $4 upgrade for the 7 mb. My dad calls Qwest and goes around and around with them on the phone about this. Then, because the local office is close by, he decides to go down there just to show he's serious about wanting what he was promised. They still didn't budge. I think they did admit that he was lied to about the "free" upgrade, but they didn't honor it or do anything else about it.

My dad thought he was doing the right thing by getting the confirmation number, but now he says his lesson learned is getting it in writing. Of course. *sigh* Very frustrating that the business DID pretty much admit he was lied to and STILL didn't do anything to make up for that fact.

ETA: Whoops! I just edited to change the name to the right spelling.

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