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Brand new member due to the past 36 hours.

Copied and pasted from my journal:

My flight was cancelled AGAIN [to Europe]. We waited three hours, boarded the plane two SEPARATE TIMES and then they cancelled our flight because our plane was deemed not fit to fly. Mind you, I also waited four hours yesterday and then my flight was cancelled.

So now we re-booked our flight for tomorrow so hopefully we'll fucking get to Europe. We now only have 2 days in London which makes me so so sad [I lived there for 4 months while I studied abroad so it holds a special place in my heart], so now I think we may try to extend our time and re-visit London at the tail end of our trip to get a few more days.

This is total bullshit. I really can't even put into words what I am thinking and feeling. Seriously...how the fuck does something like this happen. I am so tired, frustrated...angry, disappointed, I don't even know. It's like a fucking bad movie or something.

And the worst part is, we weren't even compensated, or anything. We didn't get bumped up (my parents are flying first class so they are still fine), no free miles, tickets, anything. We got meal vouchers for $10 - OH GEE THANKS THAT MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER. MY CRAPPY BURRITO IS DELICIOUS.

Fuck you, United Airlines. I will NEVER fly you AGAIN. They even brought the police downstairs at our gate because they were afraid the travelers would riot.
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