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KFC-Taco Bell woes

The KFC nearest us has given us some appalling service over the past few months. I've been trying to decide if I should post this and have finally decided I'm calm enough to do so...and laugh about it...

This happened a couple of months ago. There were just two of us (myself and my boyfriend) and we ordered 2 Big Crunch burgers (just the burgers, not the meal), a Large Fries, a 2L of 7UP and a large Popcorn Chicken. We called at about 5pm and were told that it would be about 40 minutes. Ok, no problem, we say.

By 6pm we're curious as to where the food is (the KFC is about 5-10 minutes away) but we're not too worried. We realise we called right as the rush is expected and continue to wait.

By 6:30pm we're a bit annoyed...and hungry...so we call back, just to check. (Script format for the phone call)

J: my boyfriend
SM: Staff Member, female.

SM: Hello?
J: Yes, is this KFC (location)?
SM: Yeah. (pause)
J: Yes, well...about an hour and a half ago we ordered from you and...
SM: We're busy. We're running late on orders. *click*

Yep, she hung up on him. Ok, they're busy...I told Jer not to make a fuss, we'll call back at 7pm if our food's not here.

7pm and...no food. Ok, we call again. (Same people as above...)

SM: Yeah?
J: Is this KFC (location)?
SM: Yeah. What?
J: We ordered food at 5pm and...*gets cut off*
SM: We only have ONE person on deliveries. It will be there soon. God! *click*

Again, the same woman (we think), hung up on him. So, we got annoyed and called the general Inquiries and complaints line. They took off some money and stated that they would call the store and place a rush if our order hadn't been sent out.

7:30pm rolls around and still no food. 7:45pm we curse loudly (neither of us had eaten that day at all and we were hungry) and we call the store again. There's a load of chattering going on and then the phone goes silent. Yup, no one even SPOKE to us before they hung up. We get annoyed and call back to the General Inquiries line and get MORE of our food comped and a promise they'll put a rush on it.


Finally, 9pm rolls round. We're picking through the fridge to see if there is ANYTHING quick and easy we can do. We're getting desperate now and stomping around a little bit more than we probably should. We'd already looked in the fridge when we decided it was dinner time. We had half a red pepper, a piece of cheese the size of a match box (if that) and two slice of bread that were out of date by two days...

There comes a knock on the door. We look at the clock. It's 9:30pm. We open the door and it's the bloody KFC. 4 and a half hours after we ordered it. We got the whole lot for $5 (Canadian) and it was LUKE WARM, the fries were COLD and (somehow) the 7UP was warm.

This one happened tonight.

So, this time, we go into the store to get the meal. Tonight we got a Variety Bucket Meal (Choose-Your-Own)(5 chicken pieces, 7 Hot Wings and a Large Popcorn Chicken with Gravy and a Family Fries), a Coleslaw and a Chicken Quesadilla.

There was a warning on the door that due to staff shortage, food could take 40 minutes or more. No problem, we weren't in a hurry. Now, this staff shortage was invisible to us. There were about 6 people working, which seems normal at this particular location.

The person taking our order had to have it repeated four or five times before he got it. It was fairly easy (at least we thought so) and he missed half the stuff and confused things we had. We waited for twenty/thirty minutes and then our number was called.

Just before we leave, Jer (my boyfriend) half-laughs and says "better check it" and takes a look in the bag. Sure enough, we have no Coleslaw, no Gravy and no Fries.

So, we walk the half dozen steps back to the cashier and let him know they forgot some stuff and he looks at us and just says "Oh." Well, seeing as that syllable doesn't really tell us ANYTHING we just stand there looking confused. He yells out for fries and gives us this half-smile, half-grimace and nods when Jer asks if that's for us.

So, fifteen minutes later the guy opens the bag of food, shoves a couple of things in it, GRUNTS and stares at us. Then he turns away and walks back to chat to one of the other workers. Good thing we were paying attention. We grabbed our food, checked it and it's all fine.

Thank God. I couldn't deal with them again.

The thing is, this location is AWFUL. The manager can't use the till, there is one worker who grabs a piece of chicken, chats for five minutes and then grabs however many more pieces he needs, the people on drive through are AWFUL and ALWAYS get things wrong, their customer service skills are below that of any other store I've ever been to.

We didn't complain because after the first cock-up they got it right but still, they won't be getting any more service from us.
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