The queen of the imps (tenshinofushigi) wrote in bad_service,
The queen of the imps

So I was headed to work at the mall, and I missed my bus. I had no bus schedule on hand, so I called the MTA's information desk to find out when the next one would be by.

Me: *standing on corner of Merrick and Front Street, traffic zooming by* Hi, I was wondering if I could find out the next time the N51 is going to be at the stop on Merrick and Front Street?

Guy: Which way?

Me: To Roosevelt Field.

Guy: Alright, let me check.

*hold music*

Guy: Okay, N51 to RF via Merrick and Prospect...

Me: Uh, Merrick and Front Street.

Guy: Merrick and Prospect.

Me: No, Merrick and Front Street.

Guy:'am, I'm not going to argue with you, but you said Merrick and Prospect. And it's 10:51. Have a nice day.


Me: ...

I wouldn't have had a problem if he'd said, 'Oh, I misheard you' or even 'You need to speak more clearly'. I mean, there was traffic whizzing by and I can be hard to understand when I speak quickly. But don't pretend you know what I'm saying better than I do, and don't immediately hang up when I said I asked for something else.
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