on_my_heart (on_my_heart) wrote in bad_service,

 I really need some advice here.  This is going to be the really short version.

So I buy a laptop from Best Buy on November 14, 2007. It was about 1300 including the extended serice plan.

Less then a month after owning it, the internet connection is gone. It's just NOT THERE. So I take it in, and my friend is working there on the Geek Squad. Aparently it's a software issue, and he said it'll cost me a ton to fix it, so he can fix it for me.

All is well after he fixes it. 

2 months later, it bluescreens on me about 10 times. I bring it in, Geek Squad tells me it's the harddrive, it's a 'lemon' hard drive, and it's faulty. But they can't do anything about it, call Gateway. I call Gateway, I run a million tests, it's determined that it IS in fact a 'lemon'. They send me a new one. I put it in, awsome.

About...3 months ago now. My daughter spilled juice all over my keyboard. 100% MY FAULT. 

I have the extended plan, so it's covered. I bring it in, the keyboard isn't working, the mouse isn't working. It gets sent out.
I get it back, the SCREEN ISN'T WORKING.
I sent it back out. 
I get it back, the SCREEN STILL ISN'T WORKING, and now my mouse isn't working.
Send it back out.
Every time I get it back, there are MORE problems with it. I brought it back in again, last Monday, and they told me that they will know within 6 days wether I'm getting a replacement or what. I call today (the 6th day), I get put on hold for 24 minutes.
I call back, the kid tells me it's just really busy. He asks my name....which is NOT how they look up orders, they use phone number, or service number. He says, "It's really busy here, call back in a few days, or we will call you."

I've spoken to the manager of Best Buy, AND the Geek Squad, and neither parties give a fuck, quite frankly. They all know me by name there by now, however, I've ALWAYS been polite, and calm.  My grandparents bought me this laptop as a gift, and they are pissed, I'm pissed, and I don't know where to go from here.

Any advice/suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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