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quacks with stethoscopes.

Thursday night(or Friday morning, depending how you look at it), my boyfriend took me to the ER because I was writhing in pain. All 4 of my wisdom teeth are impacted and one is coming is sideways. The tooth next to the sideways wisdom tooth was what was hurting. This tooth also needed a root canal. This pain was unlike anything I have ever experienced(worse than when I had gallstones) and I was screaming.
Anyway, we got to the ER and after a bunch of registration got me in. The people in front of me in line were super sweet and felt bad. They wanted to let me go first. I appreciated their compassion. In fact, the girl being admitted said "I'm not in pain, I'm just drunk!"
I waited for what seemed like forever for the doctor...

The doctor finally came in and proceeded to tell me about all the other patients worse off than I and how he's got "Grandpas having strokes" but since I was "making so much noise" he figured he'd come see me. So I told him about the tooth and that I had taken a vicodin but it didn't work. He then said I was supposed to take 2 vicodin and 3 motrin. He acted like I was dumb for not knowing this. I have never been instructed of that and half a vicodin usually knocks me out. So he gave me a shot of novacaine(and was not gentle with that needle) and the two vicodin and 3 motrin.
That got me through the night.
Now, I understand they were busy, but the doctor didn't have to be a dick about it and try to make me feel bad for being in pain.
The next day I had the tooth removed and the dentist said that I must have been feeling birth-level pains from what he pulled out.

Edited to add: When the doctor said he would give me the novocaine and vicodin, he said "that's the best I can do..." in this sarcastic tone. I think he thought I was pill seeking. No, I just wanted this pain to stop!

My boyfriend then showed me this link:
I really wish I could remember the name of that doctor.
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